A poetry film featuring artist Radha Mehta

The most beautiful of metamorphoses comes from within
A complete transformation from old to new, from darkness to light
As the caterpillar metamorphoses into the most beautiful of butterflies
I too can shed my cocoon from which I developed and now blossom, spread my wings, and fly
My ego gives me an identity
But when too powerful, it digresses to that of a mere slave to my own insecurities
Yet when too soft, it becomes deprived of the audacity to be extraordinary
The middle ground between my arrogance and feeling not good enough shall be my springboard for transformation
My extraordinary shall be my metamorphosis
(C) 2015 / All Rights Reserved / Radha Mehta

written/directed/edited by Radha Mehta
music by Dexter Britain
produced by A Dose Of Soul

A poetry film featuring poet Analog de Lēon (www.instagram.com/analog.de.leon).
It’s not the mountain that we conquer, but ourselves. This curious analog mountain in which we call our soul – the mountain ranges you have seen throughout your days, were only guideposts to show your imagination a hint of how grand the skyline of your soul can be. We are the mountain, and no mountain was built in a day.

music by Alasdair Cooper
directed/edited/narrated by Radha Mehta
produced by A Dose Of Soul